Twitter Tributes: Chronicles of a Twitter Traveler; Tools, Tips and Resources

Twitter Tools and TipsI have found so many useful articles, tools and tips on Twitter, that I am compelled to archive them for posterity. I just know that I’ll be wanting to return to finish or reread them at some point in the future! But I have to first at least tell you how I came upon so many all at once that I didn’t even have time to fully explore them all…

After quite some time pondering what possible use Twitter could ever be, when personally I get befuddled trying to maintain two simultaneous IM / Skype conversations, I was encouraged to jump in. And so I did. In moments it was as if I had stepped off the banks of a raging mountain river into the rapids, heading uncontrollably downstream with not so much as a raft, paddle or even an innertube. It wasn’t until later that I realized the hidden value of this phenomenon.

It was a Friday morning on a day off when I got started. Little did I know the potential effect of a combination of my friendJuanita’s well timed couple of tweets to her 2400+ followers on “#FollowFriday”‘. As things progressed, by days’ end I had 200 followers, and almost doubled that in a couple of days. I know that’s peanuts in some folks’ views but I was only getting started!

Suddenly my computer seemed more alive to me than it had before, with the ongoing heartbeat of endless tweets. As I witnessed the flow of virtual voices I realized that if one seemed intriguing, I needed to tag it as a favorite lest it be lost forever, like this amazing set of photographs of bubbles. They go by so fast that when you blink they’re gone. It does not seem far fetched that in time, there will be Twitter’s Anonymous groups opening up all over the world.

I eventually realized that I did not need to keep up, but that I could stand back and step in just long enough to make new contacts to continue building my network, or catch some interesting tidbit to pass along if interesting enough.

Little did I know that many are using Twitter for social media marketing, businesses are using it for customer support, while others are simply using it as another social networking vehicle.

I ended up with so many good ones that I thought I’d post them here (albeit, most of these I grabbed during my struggle to remain afloat and somewhat sane while being swept downriver :). I know it looks like a lot but these really are ones I thought had the most value (however I did not finish every one of them in their entirety!).

And, now that some time has passed,  I have written another post on Twitter – “Using Twitter Effectively for Your Business; Be a Tweet Peep, Not a Twit“.

Twitter Starters:
From Here to Tweeternity: A Practical Guide for Getting Started on Twitter

Free and Custom Twitter Backgrounds

The Art of ReTweeting in Twitter

Twitter for Business:
Using Twitter Effectively for Your Business; Be a Tweet Peep, Not a Twit
How to Provide Your Followers With Massive Value
17 Ways to Use Twitter: A Guide for Beginners, Marketers, and Business Owners

Twitter Tools:
How to Back Up Your Twitter Account (TwitrPwr) – one of the most useful Twitter blogs I saw
Twellow – Twitter Yellow Pages (find people to follow who are in your target market)

And just to make you go hmmm:
How Using Twitter Increases Intelligence

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  1. BRYAN says:

    I am always eager for information about working from home. Thanks for the write up!

  2. Dennis says:

    Great collection of posts on Twitter. It seems like we are running in parallel, from your post on managing the vortex of social media and trips down the rabbit hole. Seems like I have been living in the rabbit hole while putting our blog together. Finding so much valuable info on your blog and in your articles on better networker. Keep up the great work.
    Lead, Follow and Share !
    .-= Dennis´s last blog ..Which Color Defines You =-.

  3. Joo Kwang says:

    Hi Vicki, I really like this blog. You have walked the journey and really thanks for sharing these great resources, especially for newbies like me. I am still trying to figure out how to use twitter meaningfully.

    • Vicki says:

      Thank You Joe!

      I really appreciate your saying that! :) I hope this post helped you a good bit – I plan on writing a detailed blueprint for using Twitter, starting with the info from this page and expanding on it quite a bit. If you get on my list you’ll be the first to hear about it when it’s available!

      Again, thank you for stopping by, it’s great to see you again!

      Wishing You Brilliant Success,

  4. Wow what a nice list of useful resources Vicki, I wish I had such a source of information back when I started!
    The fact people like you and the sources you cite are always willing to help beginners (and not just) out is what always fascinates me about social media.
    I will be sure to retweet this.
    Now I just need a couple of additional hours in my day ;)

    • Vicki says:

      Thank You Gabriele!

      I know, I wish I had all the knowledge I do now when I started LOL! And it’s a pleasure to share especially to save someone the pain of search and discovery. But even now, I still need a few more hours in the day! :D)

      Wishing You Brilliant Success,

  5. Clarence Dees says:

    Excellent Info! But I’m getting some trouble attempting to load your weblog. I’ve got read it quite a few instances before and never gotten one thing like this, but now when I try and load something it just takes a little while (5-10 minutes ) and then just stops. I hope i really don’t have spyware or some thing. Does any person know what the difficulty may be?

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Clarence,

      It seems to be fine, what happens is that sometimes the alexa plugin that I have in my sidebar keeps the page from loading for a while, but even more rardly is that the server can be down at the hosting service. No spyware though, I have several tight security measures in place on this blog!

      Thanks for the heads up, and for stopping by!

      Wishing You Tremendous Success,

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