How Your Prospect Can Teach You to Be a Better Networker


I learned something today. A bit about myself, a bit more about my prospect, and a lot about what you can learn from your conversations with your prospects. I had just met someone for the first time, and had opened the call with a couple of questions. After my second question, she wondered something out loud that struck me as something to carefully consider. Read more »

Picking Blackberries to Boost Your Business


What in the world would picking blackberries have to do with boosting your business? No, not choosing a Blackberry phone…. It’s a perspective that I want you to consider…. Having just harvested blackberries, ripe here in North Carolina in this early July, many similarities began to jump to mind about the level of success one […] Read more »

The Best Headlines are NOT for SEO


As most of us know who have been blogging for any time, your title tag and header tags are an integral part of your SEO strategy. But you may also realize that this is not the whole story. It’s even more important these days that we maintain interest from our readership, as seen in the […] Read more »

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Detachment From the Outcome; Success vs Failure


I was talking to a friend the other day who had potentially lost a huge client. A big client, not just your run of mill average every day client but one of the big ones. But despite her giving the BEST value for the dollar, hugely under quoted, and irregardless of the hours and days she'd spent putting the proposal together, the prospect followed with an email stating she was entertaining other bids. Read more »